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In order to provide effective solutions to various problems in all areas of life, Computer Engineers are responsible for the tasks of analysis, design, implementation, testing, and development of computer hardware and software. University of Turkish Aeronautical Association (UTAA), being the first specialized Turkish university in aeronautics and astronautics aims to help computer engineering gaining new perspectives with competent faculty members. Students pursue their education by learning state-of-the-art technological advances both in hardware and software as well as expanding their perspectives by studying on specialized areas such as aviation and space sciences. Students will also acquire expertise according to their interests on various computer engineering subjects such as fundamental theories of computer science, computer hardware and architecture, software engineering, database management systems, network and wireless communication, parallel and distributed systems, robotics, security, embedded systems, image processing, artificial intelligence, and data mining.
Effective teaching strategies that require application, critical thinking and reflection are key to success in learning. In courses, moving beyond memorization as a form of learning is encouraged by active teaching methods, along with constructively aligned course designs, that aim to facilitate high levels of student engagement and deeper learning.
While we expect our graduates to continue to be long-time members of the Computer Engineering professional community, one can use the broad education that you receive here as a stepping stone to careers in aerospace, flight training, and civil air transportation. The strong foundation that our students build in engineering and technology makes them attractive to companies and research laboratories in a wide range of areas, well beyond traditional Computer Engineering.
We, as the Department of Computer Engineering believe that University is not only the place that students receive academic information, but also is the best place in which students are provided with opportunities to improve themselves both socially and culturally.