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As University of Turkish Aeronautical Association, Department of Computer Engineering our mission is to provide world-class teaching and research in cooperation with aviation and aerospace industry and to educate computer engineers with desirable work attitudes and ideals, leadership skills and work competencies capable of responding to the needs of the industry.


Our vision is to be the leading education and research center, which could direct its resources to research and fulfill the needs of the public and private sector organizations especially the aviation sector, by training computer engineers.

About The Department

In order to provide effective solutions to various problems in all areas of life, computer engineers are responsible for the tasks of analysis, design, implementation, testing and development of information systems that consist of computer hardware and software. University of Turkish Aeronautical Association has helped Computer Engineering gain a new perspective with competent faculty members by the virtue of becoming the first specialized Turkish university in aeronautics and astronautics. In line with technological advances, our students will also continue their education in the areas directly related to the aviation and space sciences that are the expertise fields of our university, besides their prominent work in hardware and software. During their primary education, our students will also acquire expertise, according to their area of interests, on such topics as fundamental theories of computer science, computer hardware and architecture, software engineering, database management systems, network and wireless communication, parallel and distributed systems, robotics, security, embedded systems, image processing, artificial intelligence, and data mining.

Job Opportunities

Software professionals implementing software solutions required by companies; system engineers designing and deploying computer networks; database architects and administrators designing and maintaining databases which store companies’ large scale data; R&D engineers working to reveal new products or for process improvement are among the typical job descriptions for the graduates of Computer Engineering Department. Moreover, private defense industry organizations, government agencies, banks, universities, TUBITAK, various research institutes, organizations that are performing studies for military purposes such as Aselsan, Havelsan and Roketsan, telecommunication companies, automotive industry associations, medical organizations engaged in electronic design are among the institutions and organizations that our graduates may be seeked to work with.